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Crack & Kanten – Valicante

It is winter in northern Europe so what do we do? Hop on a plane and go to the south of Europe in search…


HUF 001

The entire HUF team is featured in their new clip called HUF 001.

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It isn’t HD

I only see legends in here. But probably the greatest legend is handling the VX, “Famous Frank“. If you know him, you know what…


What is going on outside our bubble?

Ever since the start, the skateboard bug has steadily been spreading all over the world, it has traveled on ships and planes, cars and…

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What do you do when you have a team filled with talent are located in a country with “real” winter weather for multiple months…



As someone who lives in Berlin, of course, it is always nice to see a new Berlin video. This city has a lot of…

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A little Berlin update from a French perspective for you all to see. The video features tricks by Joel Peck, Lukas Garbaciauskas, Mark Kemp,…

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Fucking Awesome – More Mayhem

Are stars made or are they born, is talent embedded or developed? Is everything a skateboarder does part of skateboarding? Fucking Awesome certainly seems…