Place Present – A SHRN of absurdities

Sometimes you just can’t express yourself in a language that is not your own, sometimes things are best expressed in your native tongue. The…

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Parade – Heitor Da Silva

Parade is a new online platform that lets you shop online from some of the best skate shops in the world. Heitor is a new…

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XORBENT 4 – Jesse Alba

A nice talk with a person involved with the sweetest looking company out there. Cool to learn about Mike V and his influence on…

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On the brink of Black History Month Free magazine posted this video from South Africa, Chakalakka celebrates skateboard culture in a continent that doesn’t always get…

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Vans “Courtesy”

Mainly Canada focused “Courtesy” delievers with a bunch of good moments and the overall feel good video you want to watch before skating. You…


Ibu Sanyang for Quota

What a beuatiful new sighting. Luidgi Gaydu once again is spotting some real talent. Remember the name Ibu Sanyang!

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Bronze 56k – Berts Vid

The title is clickbait bit this video does contain the most OG Bronze 56k shared part. Also, weirdly enough this video feels like something…

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Swedish Metal

A car, a camera, and some skaters, normally you could go to jail for skating a vehicle like this but we are pretty sure…