Another one from Paris and actually also another one with Niklas Speer von Cappeln being involved. This time its Cleptomanicx & friends in the…

Val Bauer

A.E.I.U.O by Augustin Giovannoni

In our opinion, his best work so far. Augustin Giovannoni drops a new edit and at the very end you will see the date…


Andi Welther Mixtape 2017

Germany’s finest and most dateless skater Andi Welther has a video Mixtape running for Titus. Always good to see Andi skating.


Alex Raeymaekers / Le Remix

Our friends over at Live Skateboard Media just released Alex Raeymaekers “Le Remix” video part. Benjamin & Alex – you guys already know that…


Alexey Meleshko in Berlin

Berlin resident & filmmaker Anton Beliaev had his russian friend Alexey Meleshko over and he took him on a bike cruise around the whole…


Thaynan Costa – FUNBOX

When I first met Thaynan Costa, we were both being shipped to a ghost city in Inner Mongolia / China. One of his sponsors…