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Santiago Sasson – Jardin Privé

Santiago Sasson is all about three things: ambience, communication and community. He skates for companies that represent those values like Magenta and Futur –…

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A new video for Futur by the steady hands of Yoan Taillandier. It must be nice for a filmer to film a small team…

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Place Presents – Malmö

Welcome to Malmö: a seaport type of city. It’s the third city in Sweden but the first when it comes to riding a skateboard…


Nozbone Intra-muros

The new Nozbone Skateshop shop video just came out. Not really a surprise because we actually went to the premiere last Saturday in Paris…


Giddy #01

A huge line up for this 6 minute long clip. Romain Batard picked up his VX1000 again and captured all these guys having fun…

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Magenta – Toujours Paris

Oh, yes! Magenta Skateboard‘s exceptional lightfooted crew flows over beautiful Parisian pavements again! Featuring Jimmy Lannon, Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Santiago Sasson, Glen Fox,…