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Elbow Room

elbow room by Antosh Cimoszko

One of our favorite film makers Antosh Cimoszko has just released his latest piece called “elbow room”. Just what we need to get things…

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Antosh Cimoszko – night pass

Antosh Cimoszko is one of our favorites when it comes to the style of his covers, music direction and the way he puts it…


Antosh Cimoszko – Snapt

Dylan Fulford, Landon Avramovic, Tom O’Reilly, Tremaine Glasgow, Ryan Witt & Snarf in “Snapt” by Antosh Cimoszko.


Peel by Antosh Cimoszko

Antosh is on such a great run right now, from the skating, the music selection and the little house inspired graphics that go with…

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Antosh Cimoszko’s S/S Mix

Antosh Cimoszko’s filming and editing is just on the pulse of time and this montage is no exception. Featuring: David Stenstrom, Dylan Fulford, Donald…


F/W Mix by Antosh

A new clip from the Canadians that brought us Clubgear. The skating is top notch and at times the editing reminds us of old…