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Wayward London – Wavemode

Wayward London just released a new, 6-minute long clip featuring: Snowy, Charlie Allen, Dan Emmerson and Josh Jennings.

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Peter Deigaard – I Feel Love

First off we want to give a major shout out to Peter Deigard! We were present when he first tested his “new” fisheye and…


O3EPO – Carhartt WIP

Carhartt and Absurd Skateboards never disappoint. Good one, guys. “Over a three week period in 2016, the crew – which consisted of skaters from…


Palace Skateboard’s “Mwadlands”

After releasing one of the best videos in a very long time, Palace Skateboards continue to spread their love for fine details. Just take…


Grey – Korahn Gayle part

It has been a little since Korahn has put out a part and truth be told his last couple of parts have been hard…


Tightill – C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.

Normally we don’t really post music videos but Tightill is special, why? He brought us the LORD OF HOBBYS video! So now after a little more…