Poetic Collective – Paris

The Poetic brand is growing steadily with every new collection they put out, their crew is energetic and wants to get around. So they packed…

New Humble

Genny’s Day Out

Genesis Evans as himself in “Genny’s Day Out“. You will find a lot of familiar faces in this one.


Giddy #04

A new Giddy by Romain Batard feat.: Franz Grimm, Casey Foley, Hugo Maillard & a whole lot more. Loving it!

Denny Pham

Skatedeluxe in Lisbon

A high-definition skate clip by our good friend Severin Strauss, who is all about quality and a high clarity grade. This video features Denny…


Extra Flare: Raven Tershy

100% entertaining. Raven Tershy has become one of the gnarliest skaters out there and here you can see what he has been up to…



Another one from Paris and actually also another one with Niklas Speer von Cappeln being involved. This time its Cleptomanicx & friends in the…

Val Bauer

A.E.I.U.O by Augustin Giovannoni

In our opinion, his best work so far. Augustin Giovannoni drops a new edit and at the very end you will see the date…