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Nike SB – Karsto and Janno

Actually it is the custom that the greatest parts get announced far in advance, so usually we are prepared to get sparked. However, this…

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Daze – Full Length

Filmmaker Martin Strøm produced a short but worth watching full length with his crew from Oslo, Norway, which was produced only between August and…

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Dane Brady – A Visual Interview

Do you remember your first roommate? The one-of-a-kind mess he could leave behind? The mess that only one person could bring into this world?…

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Rebound – Full Length

“We like to skate, we are having fun.” – This is all what Romain Batard has put as video describtion for his newest full…

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Nike SB – Wallop 2

World power Nike SB has a strong team apperently in almost each and every country around the globe. And, of course, Australia and New…

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Phil Zwijsen – Water Proof

Usually, when it is raining a skateboarder stays at home sitting at the window with a crumpled face watching the drops falling down. Skateboarding…

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Father Figures Are Hard To Find

While making this issue, we made a list of possible articles. Each one of these articles needed to be a portrait of some sort….