Sondre & Amandus in Seattle!

If you think that Sondre & Amandus are only staying in their comfort zone then you are wrong. Just recently we caught Amandus at…


17 by Dan Schulz

Let’s keep it as short as the name – A new one by Dan Schulz feat.: Oliver Weismantel, Sascha Scharf, Banden B, Franz Zechlin,…

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-12 om 13.33.43

VIA – N69

Check out Lars Zimmermann, Dee Collins, Christoph Friedmann, Nizan Kasper and Joe Hill in Via skateboards newest video N69.

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Romain Batard – Giddy #09

Romain is killing it this year and others might have to take note! If a group of three can make this in 3 days…


Oh Là Là Paname – adidas in Paris

adidas’s big series of events in Paris also brought us a new video feat.: Lucas Puig, Heitor Da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, Kaio and a…